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Concept 3D Planning & Design Services.


Example Projects

Small Residential Projects

Small extension to an Edwardian semi-detached property in Newcastle. The computer model was built in order for the owner of the property to get a sense of the visual impact of the completed design

New Build Properties

A small development of new build, stone, residential properties in North Yorkshire. The images were required to assist the planning application as well as for the subsequent marketing of the scheme on a sensitive rural site.

Large Scale Housing Developments

At Concept 3D we have helped a number of the UK's largest house builders by producing high quality images of large scale housing developments in order to secure planning permission, enhance design and access statements and assist in public consultations and marketing literature. The development illustrated is an approximately 100 unit development in the north east of England for Persimmon Homes. We provided eye level perspective views of the scheme as well as overall massing images.




Concept 3D have completed numerous 3D masterplans in order to assist developers and planners realise their vision, navigate the planning system, enrich design and access statements and deliver coherent public consultation presentations. Concept can enable developers to confidently demonstrate the impact of any given scheme on its immediate environment, visualise how it fits into its context, rural or urban.



Concept 3D can render the interior of your project in immaculate detail, accurately modelling daylight, artificial light, fixtures and fittings as well as materials in photo-realistic representations of you design before work commences on site. 

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